2018 “cool summer, you and me” employee team building activities ended successfully

On July 25th, Zhonglan Industrial’s “cool summer, you and me” group building activities were held as scheduled. A total of 40 employees participated in the event. The activity aims to strengthen the corporate culture, enrich the employees’ spare time, enhance the emotional exchanges between employees, and provide an opportunity for mutual understanding and teamwork.

At 7:30 in the morning, the bus full of laughter and laughter departs from Jinan Mingsheng Building and arrives at the destination of the group building activity at 9:30: Yuyao, the hometown of Chinese bayberry, where the cultivation of bayberry has a long history, according to Hemudu The site of the ruins has existed as early as 7000 years ago. Known as the “Yuyao Yang Mei Guan Tianxia” reputation. The small friends who are picking up the food while enjoying the taste, Yuyao Yangmei is big, colorful, juicy and delicious, and it really deserves its name. Everyone has gained a lot and is ready to bring the fruits of labor back to share with family and friends.

After a short while, drive to the next event venue for an event gathering. Everyone tastes a variety of farmhouse dishes and replenishes energy for the next rafting activity. Then came to the North Stream drifting in Simingshan. The little friends quickly brought their helmets and armed with life jackets, ready to go.

Everyone in a group, with a paddle, with the impact of the river drop, a boat flies past, the sound of water, screams come and go. The whole process is full of danger, even if there is a situation of overturning, the friends can take care of each other, overcome together and re-enter the boat into the water. When it comes to the shoal where the flow rate is not fast, the long-prepared water guns will come in handy, and a fierce splash of water will be staged! You come to me, and in each other’s fights, you have enhanced your friendship and improved your team’s cohesiveness. Everyone rides the wind and waves together, and the danger is saved, even if the whole body is soaked. We passed a few more dangerous streams, drifting through a stone array, so accompanied by the cool water, we drifted all the way and laughed and reached the end.

Psychologist Randy Layson said: “Emotions are important at work, and positive emotions can help you accomplish tasks better and more efficiently.” Through this activity, everyone is approaching nature and exercising. Physical fitness also relieves work and life stress and enhances the enthusiasm of employees. I believe that after this event, everyone can work hard and embrace life with a more optimistic and fuller state.


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