There are 4 questions about How to choose best chemical raw materials suppliers

With the globalization of trade, the world has become a big factory. Many of these chemical product manufacturers have become anxious about choosing their quality chemical raw material suppliers.

When you open Google, enter the chemical raw material supplier, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of information, when you go to view the product information of these suppliers, company information, you become impatient. The variety of choices makes you wonder how to choose the supplier you want, and you don’t know if the product provided by the supplier meets your needs.

This is a very headache for any buyer or buyer. In this regard, Zhonglan as a chemical raw material supplier with 20 years of experience gives the following suggestions, I hope to help you choose chemical raw material suppliers.

First, use online search, use Google, bing, etc. to enter keywords instead of looking for places like business directories, because you are looking for a target in the business directory, you can’t understand much of the information you are looking for. For example, company information, product information, service information, and so on.

Type of chemical raw materials

When you search for a supplier in Google, first go to his product category page to see if you have all the chemical raw materials you need. After all, choosing a supplier to solve all the ingredients you need will save you money, remembering that time is money.

Quality of products

When you find a few suppliers that can meet your needs, you need to check the quality of their products. After all, high-quality raw materials can make high-quality products.
First of all, each chemical has a corresponding MSDS, which contains important processing information and storage information about the chemical. Generally speaking, the corresponding pgf document will be given on the product details page (for example, this website: Hainan Industry )
Next, check the introduction of the product, in addition to the basic molecular formula, CAS number···
You should also check other data on this product, such as quality test data, national or institutional certifications, etc. If necessary, you can ask the seller for a sample of the chemical.
Note: Many suppliers may write the application or use of the product in their product introduction, so that it is just a matter of judging whether the chemical is the chemical you need.

Perfect service

First of all, whether it is in the right package, the right size and the right form for your safe use. You can handle it safely, what kind of personal protective equipment you need, if there is any training, you or others may need to prepare your own chemicals in advance.
You can check if the questions are clearly written on the service page of each site, or you can send an email to the merchant to ask about the specific situation.
The second is transportation, after all, when you are enough to buy the goods. It may take a week or even a month to get to your hands. If the goods are in transit, it is a big loss. This requires you to ask the supplier about all the conditions of transportation.

Field trips

If you want to find a stable supplier, or if your goods are in high demand, field trips are a good way.
Investigate the supplier’s office environment, plant size, plant equipment, laboratories, etc.
Note: Generally speaking, it is most reasonable to find a manufacturer with its own factory. The price of the product will be cheaper. The parameters of the product will be more detailed. For example, the storage, use, temperature and environment of the product have more detailed data. Such as the cosmetics raw materials of this company (

As long as you stabilize these four points, you can generally find a suitable supplier. I hope this small essay can help you!


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