FAQ about glyoxylic acid 50%

1.Question :

Once glyoxylic acid starts to crystalize, do the crystals go back into solution once the temperature rises again?  If so, at what temperature does this happen?  Are the crystals water soluble?  (If it crystalizes, can we do something to put it back into solution?) 


If the material starts to crystalize,please don’t do sample test directly,or it will effect the content of glyoxylic acid .
You can put the crystallization material into higher temperature indoors,if the temperature more than 20 degree,crystals will be start to dissolve ,the higher the temperature ,the fast the dissolved.
You also can pour the material into stainless steel container or glass lining container. Then be heated,when heated to 50 degree,the crystal will be dissolved and disappear .
Also,have another simple method, you can import the hot water in a container,then put the sample bottle into the hot water directly.Then the crystal will slowly melting.


Will any grade of stainless steel be OK (ie. 304 or 304L) or does it have to be 316SS? 

Answer :

Not any grade of stainless steel be OK, the material of stainless should be 304,or better material.


An obnoxious odor is one thing.  Are there safety concerns is it just a smell thing?   (this is in reference to the information in the SDS and they just want to know if there is any danger associated with the odor)


When glyoxylic acid volatile, there will be some smell,but don’t worry,this smell don’t damage the body.
Tell your lab staff,don’t touch glyoxylic acid solution directly by hand. Because of the corrosive.
The glyoxylic acid is very safe ,It won’t have harm to the body itself.Only need to take regular test gloves and masks is ok.





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