Glyoxal 40% used in construction industry

Glyoxal 40% had a wide range of uses. It can be used in paper industry ,textile industry and intermediate area,ect. Recently years, Glyoxal 40% also to be widely used in construction industry.

In Construction industry, glyoxal 40% as the cement curing agent used to improve the solidification strength, 

as a control landslides, can prevent the loss of mud to prevent the collapse.  For this purpose, different end user have different demand. Some customer hope that the solidification speed the sooner the better when glyoxal used in concrete.

But there are some customers thought the opppsite.

Commonly, the solidification speed is 20 minutes. The setting rate is mainly decided by ethylene glycol(the raw material of glyoxal ).ethylene glycol is anticoagulant and antifreeze. So,the content of ethylene glycol will be directly affects the solidification rate. Commonly, the ethylene glycol content is aroud 1.5% in glyoxal.

Our factory Zhonglan is a professional manufacturer of glyoxal from 1996. We have rich production experience on glyoxal. We can production glyoxal according to customer detail demand.For example,we can adjust the content of ethylene glycol  from 1% to 2% to change the solidification rate, in order to meet customer’s requirement.

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