Glyoxylic acid used in the synthesis of fragrance vanillin and ethyl vanillin

The glyoxylic acid and guaiacol in alkaline or acidic conditions, in the presence of Akq or SiO: catalyst such as condensation reaction, and then under the oxidation of copper oxide with air oxidation, and then by acidification, decarboxylation made pudou Prime Similarly, ethyl vanillin can be prepared by reacting ethyl guaiacol with glyoxylic acid.

This method was first applied by the French Rhone-Provence in the 1970s. And continue to expand the scale of foreign developed countries are using this process.

Vanillin is one of the most important food spices, used for ice cream, candy, chocolate and biscuits and other food fragrance, can also be used for beverages, tobacco, washing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical fragrance and plastic, rubber deodorant , Is also an important pharmaceutical raw materials and industrial additives.

Domestic mainly used to regulate the essence of a large number of foreign used for pharmaceutical dopa, methyldopa and sulfa drug synergist in the body of the production, but also for plant growth promoters, fungicides, lubricants defoamers, electroplating bright Agents, printed circuit board production of conductive agents.

glyoxylic acid appearance


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