If glyoxylic acid have crystallization in ISO-TANK, what to do ?

Customer always care how to heating iso-tank on arrival when temperature is very low.About how to heating Glyoxylic acid in ISO-TANK, we have three measure for your reference.


a. Our agent/forwarder in some destination port,they can help to heating the ISO-TANK via very professional method. Commonly, we should pay them $100-$200.

b.Using the industrial electric blanket covering on the outside of ISO-TANK.
Then heating, industrial electric blanket temperature rise slowing, and the whole tank heated evenly.
So,it will not damaged the product(glyoxylic acid 50%) and have a good effect.

c. If the temperature is very low, some product will be crystallization ,not all of them.
So,a temporary heater can be installed on the suction pump ,when extraction glyoxylic acid from tank,
The glyoxylic acid was heat up through the heater,then cycle back to the ISO-TANK.
Through this process, the product(glyoxylic acid 50%) that back to ISO-TANK will be very good and can be used directly.

Glyoxylic acid 50% with ISO-TANK packing


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